Monday, October 17, 2011

...just Plane Fun...

I’m in favor of all things “GOOD FOR EXCELSIOR” I love this town! Sometimes achieving the best for things we love requires thoughtful discussion. That's the mission of this blog.

Dan Kirkpatrick & Shirley Radley in the STEARMAN
Sunday Flo & I attended a "Plane Fun" event at the Excelsior Springs Airport.... a casual flying, food, and fun event, one of many held annually, by friends of the airport. The order of the day was "Burgers & Bi-planes" (no "hotdogging" allowed).

We watched dozens of Excelsior Springs residents from 8 to 80  "going around the patch" and sharing their experiences. I participated with four generations of flying fans who share our airport and the joys of flying and flying stories.
People in a PIPER PACER

I've been a vocal detractor of investment in the Airport, not believing in the value of an older, short runway, for our city. (while I was there nobody used more than half the runway to take off or land). I recently learned about  improvements made by Airport Board Members and friends to improve the facility, who went to their own expense, to make necessary safety and aesthetic changes. While I was there a man from Lawson came to rent hanger space. When our citizens take the initiative to improve our capital assets their enthusiasm merits our support!

Most of all we need to provide places for diverse experiences for our future generations and opportunities for older generations to pass on he lore of the past and the love of the future.

Another EXSLife story... "Burgers & Bi-Planes"'s just Plane Fun!

Thanks for the airport photos Janelle Short Martinovich